John Derian Book Signing and Reception

October 10th from 2:00 - 6:30pm

John Derian is a designer who transforms printed images from the past, and in doing so transports the viewer to another world. He does it with the simplest of objects - a paper weight, a glass dish, a bowl, a plate - and the simplest of techniques: decopauge. 

Each of John Derian's pieces begins with a discovery, as it did when he came upon a box of antique prints in a flea market nearly 30 years ago, of one-of-a-kind illustrations, lihographs, engravings, ephemera, and other treasures from the 18th - and 19th- century printed matter.

Now his legion of collectors and fans can experience the same pleasure with John Derian Picture Book, a curated book of 350 of his best loved images in lush, oversized format.

To pre-order a signed copy of John's book please contact the Upstairs at 805-565-1503.

Snack Time

When orchards surround you, it's easy to get excited about each season of it's harvest. Avocados are one of Santa Barbara's biggest gems and we are very lucky to have such abundance of organic produce growing around us lining our hills and valleys. 

Avocado toast happens to be one of our favorite snacks that none of us would shy away from! If you haven't tried it, you are missing out. YUM! 

The Insiders Guide to Santa Barbara on One Kings Lane

As anyone who has lived or visited Santa Barbara, you have to admit it's a pretty special place. From the beaches to the mountains, our own American Riviera offers effortless style and ease.

Lifetime resident, Upstairs customer, and handbag designer Kendall Conrad just listed us as one of her go-to shopping destinations. 

“This gemlike home store is chock-full of beautiful furnishings, punchy pillows and textiles, and art and ceramics by local artisans. Finds from here can be spotted all over Kendall’s home. “They just always have something exotic and appealing there. Definitely check out the Moroccan rugs.”

To read the rest of Kendall’s guide to Santa Barbara, click here.

Patio Facelift

With the arrival of summer it's natural to want to give your patio a facelift. Even living in Southern California where we are spoiled with being outside all year around, we still like to pop color, replace old winter worn tables and chairs, plant some fresh flowers, and invest in a few things that make being outdoors more inviting.

We couldn't possibly love these chairs more. With a safari vibe and effortless look, they will compliment every home or garden. Pop in to see them in person or give us a call at 805-565-1503.