Q & A with Seal

What is the last book you read?

Current book that I am reading: "A Pattern Language" by Christopher Alexander - a bible for building written in 1977 to encourage the design of soulful and nourishing homes, buildings, towns and communities. 

If you could have tea or coffee with anyone who would it be?

If I could choose anyone to have tea with it would be the poet, Mary Oliver, or the writer Michael Pollan. 

What is your favorite desert?

Current favorite dessert is...drumroll...the "Take Home Chocolate Cake with Espresso Cinnamon Mascarpone" from the new "SWEETS" cookbook written by Yotom Ottolenghi and Helen Goh.


Seal's top five store picks

1. The vintage owl garden ornament from France that I WANT SO VERY BADLY!!!

2. The vintage pink, chartreuse, tangerine and chocolate brown Moroccan rug that I ALSO WANT SO VERY BADLY!

3. My favorite apparel piece - the DOSA lace pant (please see photo below).

4. "Gardenista: The Definitive Guide to Stylish Outdoor Spaces" - because it's PACKED with stunning photos and inspiration for nourishing, meaningful gardens, which I am so passionate about... 

5. "Foraged Floral" - because it's more than a book about flowers...it's about our need for immersion in nature, connection to the wild, sustainability, seasonality, and the importance of creativity in our daily lives.