The Lost Exporer

The Lost Exporer

If there is one thing that David de Rothschild (of the British banking family) knows, and that's being an innovator and an explorer. He has traveled to places people only dream of going, and done things the normal person may never think to do - such as build a catamaran out of 100% recycled plastic and sailed it form San Francisco to Sydney! That said, he's also founded environmental organizations and is now in the lifestyle business.

The Lost Explorer isn't just a brand of wellness products, it's a lifestyle concept which includes goods and apparel, body and skin wellness products, and Mezcal. Why not add spirits to the list?!

While we are not selling the Mezcal or apparel, we are however excited to have the body products in the store. Between the Prickly Pear moisturizer to the Volcanic Face Scrub, all of the items in between are 100% natural and close to nature. We are happy to support a company who is going the distance to enable environmentally sound products to be made and produced. 

Pop in after your evening hike or morning beach walk and try out the Magnesium Arnica Gel or the Movement Massage Balm. You might just get as hooked as we are! 

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