Donna uses color as the main theme in most works. She prefers to sketch and explore ideas black and white while away from the studio. This technique allows subject matter to be developed on location in an unobtrusive sketch book. She will then not be confined to the subjects actual colors when doing the finish work back in her studio. Donna works mostly with acrylic on wood.

Color, culture, native plants and flowers, people, and architectural landscapes have been Donna's inspiration for her works. Painting's are influenced mostly by her travels. Italy, Mexico, and Santa Barbara are just a few of her favorites because of their amazing buildings, florals, and color. When painting architectural elements, she will take the subject and give it a softer character where hard line perspective is ignored and there are no straight edges to confine the rich color of her vision.

Donna is a fourth generation Californian, born and raised in Santa Barbara. From her earliest beginnings she has been an artist. Her formal education was at the University of Colorado in Fine Arts and the Colorado Institute of Art. She spent a semester abroad in Paris, France and Florence, Its;y painting with other art students. Today Donna resides and paints in Santa Barbara.