Q & A with Seal

What is your favorite Santa Barbara beach?

I have so many great memories of playing at Miramar Beach when my grandfather would come stay at the hotel in the 60's and the 70's. Hammonds is also such a beautiful stretch just a bit to the west of Miramar. I love walking down the bougainvillea covered dirt path to Hammonds...the journey there is as beautiful as the arrival.  

If you could plan a summer trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

My husband and I would definitely choose to go on a wellness retreat in the Maldives. Being the world's lowest-lying nation, the Maldives are greatly threatened by climate change. There are so many beautiful eco-resorts to choose from there. It would be a wonderful place to relax as well as learn about how we can make changes here at home which will directly affect our vulnerable global neighbors.  

What is your go-to item in your travel bag? 

Well, my "go-to" actually IS my travel bag! LOL! I love my Patagonia Black Hole Cubes in size small and medium. They are made of colorful, ripstop fabric and they are water repellant. So essential for organizing necessities for camping, road trips or air travel. My husband loves his Black Hole Cubes, too! The two of us are truly in awe of Patagonia as a company. For the past 40 years they have supported grassroots environmental organizations by donating $90 million dollars to activists defending our planet and working to find solutions to our environmental crisis. We will support that company until the end of time. I love the fact that we are able to carry Patagonia goods Upstairs.